September 4, 2011

Creative Blending with Various Apps

Using Juxtaposer I combined two of the below blended images and continued to play.
In my iCreativity course I share many different ways and concepts of blending. I believe that realizing the possibilities is how my artistic vision has grown the most. There are many apps that allow for blending. Below are a few options.

Above are two Hipstamatic photos I took of this portable Candy Store. I took them with the iPhone on a tripod so they would line up perfectly. I will refer to them as 'the originals'.

I blended the two originals in Autostitch and this is the image I got.

I blended the two originals with Filterstorm to get this image.

I blended the two originals with Blender in Normal Mode to get this image.

I will share many more ideas and concepts in my iCreativity class, sign up for the Sept 12th class and get FREE fxPhotoStudio for the iPad - which now includes masking.

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