September 21, 2011

Life of an Icelandic Horse

Masked in a different sky using Filterstorm
I have been rewriting all of my lessons for both iP 101 and iCreativity courses. In preparation for next weeks iC lesson I masked and cloned in a different sky into this image since the original sky was a bald blue. I further processed the image in Artista Haiku, Blender and Filterstorm.
This image was captured in Iceland where horse graze in the most magnificent locations.

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  1. Let me keep is simple and sweet: You can't go wrong with Wild Horses....

  2. This is so beautiful. I need to go to Iceland!!!

  3. The Mouse Police Never Sleep, The Mouse Police Never Sleep,The Mouse Police Never Sleep, The Mouse Police Never Sleep... Jethro Tull (Heavy Horses)


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