October 27, 2011

Almost Home

Autumn still hasn't arrived in Cottage Grove
Almost Home
Stopped by my dad's for a short visit. He lives in a small town south of Eugene, OR. On the way there I took the back road looking for a scene that would say 'country'. When I was almost to his driveway I saw this.
My dad has a wonderful home that he loves. He has remodeled it, using his talents to make cabinets, drywall, tile, and even make his own pine moulding. 'My dad can do anything!' Growing up he was a fire fighter and role modeled his creative talents of being a photographer.
It was fun to spend the day showing him all that I have accomplished as an iPhone Photographer in such a short time.
Today I am driving home but first I will be belatedly celebrating my birthday with my daughter. Life is good!

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  1. Nice job on the barn photo and thanks for the complement and recognition. You continue to amaze.

    It is nice when you acknowledge the small influences I may have had on you. While you were growing up, together as dad and daughter, we discovered some of life's little secrets - use creativity to be different, you can do anything, be organized, photography teaches you to see, the outdoors = happiness, you can drive anything (motorcycles, trucks with campers, quality performance vehicles), stay in shape, support and encourage others, being willing to learn from others and grow, be confident, be a friend, share your knowledge and skills with others, be generous, it's fun to live out of your vehicle and do things alone, not to let being a female limit your goals and accomplishments, the value of hard work, life is an adventure so dare to step outside your comfort zone, make your own music and lead your own parade.

    When I think of your life, I am reminded that love is the ultimate outlaw because it just won't adhere to any rules. The only thing you can do is to sign on as an accomplice. Instead of vowing to honor and obey, you have sworn to aid and abet. How fun is that! You have learned that security is out of the question. The words make and stay are inappropriate. Your love has no strings attached. You love for free. Good for you my daughter.

    Love, Dad

  2. I pass by this scene a couple times a day, I guess seeing it in an enclosed format does make me appreciate it more, thank you. I know your father and also know how very proud he is of you and all you do. My father passed away earlier this year... I miss him, I wish I could hear his praise like your father has for you. Good wishes for you.


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