November 5, 2011

Step by Step Instructions to Creating Photo Albums on the iPad with iOS5

Lighthouse at Fort Casey on Whidbey Island - captured during The Last-Pixel Show workshop.

While Harry and I were preparing a Slideshow for the workshop we came upon an option that didn't exist until the new iOS5 upgrade, the ability to create albums. Here are step by step instructions on how to 'Add' an Album on the iPad.

While in the Camera Roll album, tap on the 'box with arrow' icon at top right.

Now select all the images you want in the 'New Album' by tapping on them. A blue check mark will appear on all the selected images.

Tap on the 'Add to' icon and then tap on 'Add to New Album'.

Type in the name of the new album and tap return.

The new album will appear at the bottom of all your albums in Photos.

If you tap on the new album 'Fort Casey Lighthouse' you can see the selected images inside. Please note the the images will still appear in the Camera Roll!

While in the 'Fort Casey Lighthouse' album, you can Share, Copy, Remove, Add to...
If you tap ' Remove' you can delete the selected images from this album only, the images will still be in the Camera Roll.  

If while in the Camera Roll you select some images to delete, the images will also be deleted from all the additional albums they were added to.

The ability to create folders is great to move image that you want to keep together. I will find it helpful for processing workflows. It will also be great to have for images that I still want to process. They are also still the same resolution as the Camera Roll images.

However there are some issues that still need to be resolved to make it truly useful for photographers who process images. 
  • If you remove all the photos from the Camera Roll the Added Albums will also disappear.
  • If you process the images from an album that was created, those images will be saved to the Camera Roll not back into the created album. 
  • The added albums can not be backed up to the computer, only the Camera Roll. So you can't save the workflow albums (or other ones you created for any purpose). 

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