February 15, 2012

Lowland Trekking in Nepal

Tried to figure out what to use as a reference point to straighten this image but everything is crooked.
 So I just left it as it is.

There are many different treks to choose from in Nepal. Most climb into the high alpine region where trails pass villages that dot the countryside and end high on a mountain peak. However in January, the coldest month, the treks are more limited. So after the first 10 day LangTang trek, where I was freezing most of the time, we asked Walker's Expeditions if it was possible to trek at a lower elevation for a few days.  Mr. Karki, the owner, was most helpful and recommended many choices.
So after enjoying Latte Mochas for a few days at Himalayan Java in Kathmandu we headed on another trek. This time the trails were closer to the bigger villages, where at times, we could hear the familiar horn of the city bus signaling that is was about to drive around a blind corner. The trail also had us walking through backyards and along dirt roads. I missed being in the solitude of the high alpine, but not the cold nights and freezing mornings.
Today's image was captured on this lowland trek. The houses in this region were made with stucco or brick. Much different than the stone houses we saw along the other trail.

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