February 28, 2012

No SIM Card Error Message

Since I had a hectic day, I thought I would post something I did awhile ago. Death Valley, March 2011
It has been a hectic day. When I woke up my iPhone had an error message, 'No SIM'. So I hard rebooted it and when I restarted it it still had the same message. So I went to AT&T (BTW - Thank goodness I am staying with my daughter in Issaquah and didn't have to drive 1.5 hours from Cle Elum) and they hard rebooted it and everything was fine...uhg. A little while later when I was talking to a student during her review, the phone went dead and once again gave me the error message.

Now, completely frustrated, I decided it was best to plug the phone into iTunes and synced it. The next step was to import all my current photos into Lightroom. ALWAYS good to have a backup at this point! Then I hard rebooted it, it worked for a bit and then failed again.

So I drove to the Apple store and I explained the problem. They ran a diagnostic test, found nothing obvious and then gave me a new phone. After setting up the phone with the few questions, we synced it to my contacts and everything seemed great...well for a minute. Next I new the same error message appeared, 'No SIM'.

With new iPhone in hand I walked down the hall in Bellevue Square to the AT&T store to get a new SIM card. They were very helpful by setting up my voice mail box and putting a screen protector on my new phone. So far so good as I have returned a few phone calls tonight without disruption or error messages.

So now all I have to do is resync it to my backup on iTunes tonight and in the morning, I hope to be up and running. Whew!

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  1. Teri wow what a scary thing to have happened. So glad for you that the error was corrected and all seems to be working properly now. Good that you knew who to go to.


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