March 2, 2012

Demo of Photoshop Touch

EMP - Seattle
Today I watch both Photoshop Touch demos with Julianne Kost by Adobe. I must say the app is impressively complex and can create amazing compositions. I am very motivated to get started and plan on attempting a composite image for tomorrow's blog.
Since I have not used Photoshop in a very long time, (I have been a pure app girl for 1.5 years now.) I believe Touch will take me awhile to learn, how to use and navigate.  However, I will be very glad I put the forth the effort.

Today's image is from last Sunday's shoot in color. I processed it using some filters in fx PhotoStudio and with Snapseed.

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  1. As I said in my Photoshop Touch review on my blog -- Photoshop's expected functionality (fine-grained editing) has been available from day 1 in Filterstorm (which has gotten better and more powerful over each update). For advanced photo editing, there are others out there now too. Adobe is 2 years behind the game w/getting a de-facto "Photoshop" on the iPad.

    Indeed this app is confusing -- not just because it's an advanced photo editor (when a lot of us are used to quick adjustments via filter apps or simple editors along the lines of Snapseed) but because the interface is poorly designed.

    The fact that they released it as an iPad 2 app only, and with super-low resolution is a massive, massive letdown.

    Even having said all that, though, it's another tool that I expect to learn to use. The selection tools are quite good, and there are a lot of things I like about it. I'll give Adobe some time to update the app before I truly suggest people ignore it.

    Maybe I'm just too advanced of a Filterstorm user, and have been using that tool for so long (to do advanced editing), but it's such a disappointment that Adobe didn't enter with a better app and a bigger bang. They'll get more attention than Tai will with Filterstorm since they're Adobe, but it's unfortunate because the app falls short in so many ways. But there's enough in it to keep me interested -- like what Harry said in one of the FB iPhoneography groups -- it's worthy of keeping an eye on for sure.


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