March 3, 2012

Facebook Timeline Cover - PS Touch and Filterstorm

Facebook Timeline Cover photo - created with Photoshop Touch and Filterstorm
Since I mentioned Photoshop Touch the last two days, I thought I should finally post a tutorial on it. My original idea was to just replace the blue sky in the image below with a beautiful location I had been recently. However when I started to go through my library I couldn't decide which image to chose. So I started adding many different images. Now what to do with all those images I wondered. Ah... I know make a new Facebook Timeline Cover.

First using the Smudge tool I chose what area I wanted to keep and which  to remove. After the selection was made I refined the edge and cleared the area which I didn't want anymore.
Then I added the image I wanted to place in the removed area and positioned it to fit.
As you can see I made many layers of images.
Now since PS Touch only allows images to be 1600px long, I chose to move the project to Filterstorm.
First I imported one image and then expanded the canvas to create a pano of images. 

Next I added one image at a time placing them along the canvas evenly spaced. I also added additional black canvas along the bottom to accomodate the labels and so it fit into the Facebook Timeline Cover photo space without being cropped. FYI 1600x650 is the size of the final image.
For the final step, I opened the image in Photoshop Touch again to add text. For each text  line I created a new layer. I was hoping I could just duplicate the layer and change the text but as far as I could tell you can  only move and resize the text of the duplicated layer but not change the words, font or the color.

This technique along with others using the Photoshop Touch app will be taught at the upcoming iPhone Photography Workshops in Napa Valley and the Palouse with The Last Pixel Show.

Online courses start again on Monday, March 5th. Sign up soon. 
Only 2 more spots left!

The Last Pixel Show is pleased to announce two destination iPhone Photography Workshops. The first is in Napa Valley this April and the second is in Palouse this August. Please click the images on the sidebar links for more information. You can also go directly to the website at


  1. Loved your original photo of you "hanging out in space" now you have taken this photo to a wonderful new adventure! This is an amazing new level of experiences and visual enjoyment. Thank you for sharing your creativity with your fans!

    1. Thank you for your kind comment Crystal. I like stretching my imagination. It is fun to play and see what I come up with at the end of the day. Thanks for being a fan!


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