March 4, 2012

In the Name of Fashion - Shoes

Orange Spiked High Heels - the shoe of the season!
Went to Bellevue Square Mall today and was extremely surprised when walking through the shoe department in Nordstroms. Granted I have been traveling a lot in the last year and some say I am a country girl, but really...when did shoes start becoming.... impossible to walk in? It was crazy enough when the spiked heals where 5 inches and you were walking on your tippy toes. Now the spikes are 7 inches on platform shoes, so you are now walking on your tiptoes and 2 inches off the ground!!! If you ask me, I woud say Urgent Cares and Emergency Rooms are going to love the revenue from this fashion statement!

When looking at this image I thought the name of these shoes should be "Buckle Up!"

Athletic shoes going electric this season!

Then I had to laugh when I walked into the athletic shoes area. The colors are 'electric'. These shoes have the thinest soles possible. It is like you are walking on the ground practically. I am sure you will feel every pebble you step on. What a contrast!

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