March 9, 2012

Restoring Hipstamatic Paks

Utah, southwest of Zion

I almost lost it today when I discovered my Limited Addition Hipsta Paks once again would not restore to my new phone. I was so frustrated because this happened last November and I had to rebuy the Retro Pak One and Two because for some reason my iPhone couldn't restore some of my favorites including the popular Dream Canvas.

This time however I was pleasantly surprised to find great help from Hipstamatic. I am so gald they improved their support.

Please click on the link below if you are having trouble with restoring yourself. When I followed the procedure carefully Hipsta was restored completely.

Link to Restoring Hipstamatic Paks

Online courses start again on March 5th. Sign up soon.

The Last Pixel Show - iPhone Photography Workshops

A new logo banner was created for The Last Pixel Show today: it is getting closer to the Napa workshop start date: April 5th Sign up now!

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