April 22, 2012

Photo iPossibilities - Antique Look

After my Ah-Ha moment in October 2010 I spent months learning everything I could about capturing and processing with iPhone applications. I was an addict spending 12-14 hours a day looking for my next fix - an app that I could explore and play with.

Since that time I have been committed to processing ONLY on my iPhone and iPad. I want everyone to know that the images posted on my blog are possible with only these two devices. I am so committed that I have traveled to far away places with only my iPhone and iPad, mind you I did have a back up of each, just in case.

Long ago I set a goal to motivate, inspire and show what is photographically possible with iOS applications on the iPhone and iPad. I started teaching to help fulfill those goals.

Today I am launching, "Photo iPossibilities" a Monday column that will address questions from you regarding iOS photography to hopefully continue to fulfill my goal and keep you inspired.

My first column shows a before and after image from Cambodia. The original image was captured just before sunset as the boats were coming back from a tourist cruise. I processed the image in many steps before deciding on the final result. I knew from the beginning that I wanted to create an antique look. I made that choice for a couple reasons. 1. The scene appeared to be timeless. 2. I knew when I captured it that I would have a hard time getting any detail or light in the foreground since it was strongly backlight.

So if today's question was: Is it possible to create an antique image with only the iOS applications? The answer would be yes. In my example I used OldPhotoPro, Dynamic Light, Filterstorm and TouchRetouch. I also recommend Vintage HD (iPad), Pic Grunger, Noir as other options.

Before processing

Processed in a timeless fashion
For more detailed information go to the Mobile Phone Photography Site.

Now it is your turn? What questions do you have? Please email them to teri@terilou.com if you have a specific photo that you have questions about send it along. I will be posting the next "Photographically Possible" next Monday. Thanks and I look forward to your questions. 

Online courses start again on May 14th. Sign up soon. Coming Soon!!! MyiPadLive  -  Live Online Tutoring and Lessons.


  1. I'm about one year behind you... my "Aha" moment was late September, early October 2011 on my photo tour with John Barclay and Dan Sniffin in Colorado. They opened my eyes to having fun with iPhoneography and showed me just a few of the creative options possible... and I've been neglecting my SLR ever since. Yours and Harry's courses and the location workshop in Napa with you and Harry have been the jump start I needed! So much more to learn and really GET!

    1. Victoria. That is the joy of technology ever moving and always something to learn!

  2. Great idea. Could you possibly add some details to the list of apps used? What I would like to know is the order that the apps were used and a very brief indication of what process or effect was applied with each app (no more than one line onech would be enough).

    Much appreciated.

    1. Thanks for your comment. Please see the blog at http://mobilephonephotography.net/photo-ipossibilities-teri-lou-dantzler/ for the detailed information you requested. And let me know what questions you have!

  3. Always a delight to see what Star you yourself are gonna do today :) ` Nancy Harp


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