June 30, 2012

Panoramic - Grand Teton Range

I just love capturing the world in a stitched image perspective. Sometimes the images ate long and narrow but more often I capture a scene in a block of images ie: 3x4.
Lately I have had trouble getting the sky to blend consistently. I am hoping that through some blending experiments I can solve this issue.

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  1. I have had better color blending results with iPhone panoramas by ...
    1) Panning the camera around the scene that I am going to capture.
    2) Deciding which portion had the most important or difficult lighting.
    3) Optimising the exposure for this frame.
    4) Locking the exposure!

    Thanks for posting all your great work, and for being so open about the processes that do (and don't) work for you.

    ... Richard (MomentsForZen)


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