June 9, 2012

Street Photography in Nepal

A mother and daughter in Nepal
Working on my image workflows for a book I am writing. I am just starting on it. I will describe step by step the processing steps to create this image. It will be very helpful to understand the complexity of image processing on the iPad. It is more than just apping it and tapping a few buttons. ;-) Love it when people see my images and say, "What App is that?"

Really looking forward to sharing the possibilities with all of you!

This image was captured on the way to the trailhead of the LangTang trek last January in Nepal. I was on the city bus for 10 hours of crazy mountainous driving. We had stopped for lunch and I needed to walk around to settle my stomach from car sickness. This image was such a great gift to have received.

The best part about processing this image is that I did it while sitting in the lounge at Swiftwater Cellars eating crab cakes and listening to live music on my iPad. In my opinion that is much more fun than sitting in my office at home in front of my computer.

Image Blender

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"Don't wait another minute, big possibilities await you!" ~past student, Nancy Bardos

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