June 7, 2012

Why do you believe in iPhone Photography?

I would love to hear your comments to: Why do you believe in iPhone Phonegraphy?
The photo below is one of the reasons I love adventure travel with the iPhone and why I am so grateful to be living my dream of: traveling, photographing and teaching!
Thanks to Mark Hosko for capturing a moment in my life that means so much to me!


  1. The iPhone gives me an opportunity to "create" photos on the fly. Snap it, process it and post it can all be done quickly, easily and often when I am traveling on the bus or train. I see my "world" differently, noting small details and large vistas I would have ignored before.

  2. Feel free to use what I wrote on FB as well as what will be coming to you in the evaluation that I'm working on for you. :-) And I love what MizMarie said here too... I definitely am seeing my world differently since falling in love with iPhone photography! Looking forward to tomorrow night's hangout. Hope I can figure out how to join. HA! :-)

  3. The iPhone has been a time machine for me, taking me back to the "beginner's mind" excitement I enjoyed when I first entered art school in 1971! One of my favorite cameras was my Olympus haff-frame which allowed me to litterally point and shoot without looking thru the viewfinder as I wandtered the streets of San Francisco. It was a great non-attachment practice for developing my relationship with image making. Now, fast-forward 40 years and the iPhone is doing the same for me, returning a level of spontaneity and freedom that is affecting both what my eyes notice and my camera can capture. I love it more all the time! And I hope I can figure out how to join the G+ Hangout, too!


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