June 7, 2012

Cloud Folder for your iPad/iPhone

One of many images in my Cloud Folder.
I highly recommend that you create a Cloud Folder on your computer that can be synced to your iPad and iPhone through iTunes to be used as a blends and masks when processing your image. That way when you captured a great image but it has a bald blue sky you can mask in an image with the perfect clouds.

I have a folder full of all kinds of clouds that I have taken with my iPhone. Start creating your own folder now!

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  1. Good idea. Do you have a tutorial on how all this works. I can create a folder on computer but how do you sync all this.

    1. Irene,
      Any folders can be synced through iTunes. Look at the photos tab. However I only recommend using images such as a cloud or a texture for processing when they are synced this way since they are low resolution. Hope this helps.


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