June 6, 2012

Why Google+ is a great place for Photographers

The ticket that changed my professional direction
Just before Memorial Day Weekend I attended the first ever Google+ Photography Conference in San Francisco. To say the least I learned a lot and had a great time.

I have been a member of Google+ for a longtime but never spent much time there. It seemed that Facebook offered everything I needed and frankly I didn't have time for another social network. However when my friend, Levi Sims, suggested that I go to the conference my interest was piqued especially because it was a Photographers Conference, implying that Google+ was a place for Photographers.

There is several reasons I plan on moving my business contacts to Google+. The biggest reason is for the "Hangouts".

I have been exploring a way to connect my students visually to each other so they can share and explore their art together beyond just commenting in text form. Currently I have a secret, private group for my students to share and learn, however with Google+ I will be able to have live and interactive reviews with them. I will also be able to provide live private and public instruction while sharing my iPad with viewers. As Trey Ratcliff explained he invites friends to just "Hangout" and watch him process an image while he shares is screen. A concept I too would like to explore.

Another thing I have noticed is that the comments on Google+ are more meaningful then "great" or "wow". I am hoping this aspect continues as it grows to the predicted 400 million by the end of the year.

So please spend a minute to learn more about Google+. If you do decide to join please circle me. I will put you in my circles too and we will all be "hanging out" soon.

I will be having my first Hangout on Sunday evening, June 10th at 6pm Pacific time. Put it on your calendar now! Circle me on Google+ for continued information.

Online iPhone Photography Course start again on June 11th - see left side bar - The students in this months classes will have the option both for private personalized reviews and group "Google+ Hangouts!" at no extra charge. SIGN UP NOW!

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