July 12, 2012

Courses start July 16th

I just discovered that the link for my online courses was broken. Please note that it has been fixed. If you are still having trouble signing up for my course please send an email to me at teri@terilou.com. Thanks!

Alice Lake

Another postcard perfect photo! So many of them in the Sawtooths.
As a friend said..."It is hard to improve on God's creation!"

This time I had some help from AutoPainter, Blender, Filterstorm and Snapseed

iPhone Photography courses start July 16th. Please see side bar for more information. Come join me on Google+ Hangouts. Circle me and I will invite you to join in the fun.

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  1. Is AutoPainter a full- resolution app now? I looked at it at one stage and it only saved at screen-type resolution.

    And wow - what a location! Love the rich sunlight on the peaks, duplicated in the reflection!


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