July 10, 2012

Why iPhone photography and backpacking are a perfect fit!

Incredibly ever changing Alice Lake in the Sawtooth National Recreation Area
I have just returned from a 4 day backpacking trip in the Sawtooth National Recreation area where I once again only brought my iPhone as my camera. I love nothing more than to spend about 30 minutes capturing the scene in pieces with ProHDR and then stitching the images together while the tripod is still set up with Autostitch to make sure I have the entire scene. I instantly get the gratification of seeing a 'rough draft' of the final image. Gone are the days when I would have to wait to get home to my computer and Photoshop to see if the images I captured during that amazing moment high in the mountains was really as photographically spectacular as I hoped. 
For this particular image I was able to instantly see that the clouds were as dramatic as I hoped and that I had captured enough of the scene for a pleasing composition. Even though it does seem a little mean at times to show Mark (my adventure/photographic/Canon shooter boyfriend) how his image will look when he gets home to his computer and then spends countless hours stitching and blending just how terrific his image will look; I show it off anyways because I just love the result and gratification the iPhone instantly gives me. The WOW factor still amazes me.
BTW despite the fact that sheets of rain, thunder and lightening surrounded us most of the day, we stayed completely dry!

Processing was quite simple: Snapseed and Filterstorm

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  1. You describe a very similar workflow with panoramic compositions to the one that I use - take the shots, put together with AutoStitch to check the coverage and general appearance before you leave the site, and then use something else on a computer for a pixel-perfect full-resolution result (Autopano Giga in my case) !

    Great scene in this example - I'm so envious of your trip. By the way, how did you keep your iPhone charged, or does backpacking in North America come with electricity? An Australian here who is used to true wilderness - no people, no infrastructure, definitity no electricity.


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