August 22, 2012

iPhoneography - Capturing the often photographed Multnomah Falls iPhone Pano style

Multnomah Falls, Columbia Gorge, OR
Maltnomah Falls is a tiered waterfall along the Columbia Gorge in Oregon. While traveling with Harry Sandler to the Portland Airport yesterday after our Palouse Workshop we stopped at several locations. I had never captured the falls before with my iPhone.
For this image I stitched 6 captures together with AutoStitch and then continued the process with Glaze as my blending layers, masking the original bridge back in to the final image. I also used Snapseed to create more contrast in the misty scene.
The scene is a postcard classic, however I haven't seen an iPhone capture of it quite like this one.
This image can be printed in its native size 13x24 inches. This capability is one reason I love to capture multiple images and process with AutoStitch.

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  1. Stunning image... there are so many places I want to revisit with my iPhone and do panoramas, partly for the very reasons you've cited here! And partly just because I want to see what I've learned along the way and practice more post processing. Still loving using the tools/techniques you and Harry taught me on after my initial exposure to iPhone photography 11 months ago.


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