September 13, 2012

iPhone 5 Pano vs ProHDR and AutoStitch?

iPhone capture - Sunset in the Enchantment Lakes, Washington State

Today's image from the Enchantments is a solid reminder to why I love my iPhone and iPad! The iPhone captured this image using the ProHDR app and then was stitched together with Autostitch. From Apple's announcement yesterday, I understand the the iPhone 5 will be able to auto capture panoramic images. The concept sounds great but I don't think it will replace my workflow of using HDR images to stitch together. Getting the lights dynamic range is very important for my final image.
Can you believe the mountain goat? No I didn't have to cut and paste him in! It was like he was standing right besides me appreciating the magnificence too! Oh how I wish I could bask in the glory of sunsets like this everyday.
The processing on my iPad was quite complex for this image. I wanted the moment to speak the volumes to others that it spoke to me at the time of capture. So I took my time and did a lot of masking and blending to direct the viewers eyes and keep them in the frame.

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  1. Wow, that's a really cool shot, and way to go for getting the mountain goat in there with a wide angle lens!


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