October 19, 2012

Before and After - Creating Mood Part II

Happy Pre Halloweeen
Many photographers discuss the concept of pre visualization. Personally I think the concept is great and the execution is difficult.
Ok, you are out in a field and see two dead trees on a sunny hot August day, do you say to yourself, "These trees would be perfect to process for an October Halloween scene!" Most likely not. However today when I am going through my catalog of images I liked and haven't processed yet, I did think just that. Not pre visualization in the field but perhaps pre visualization prior to processing.
Now to execute the idea. What mood does Halloween represent to me? Orange and black came to mind, and so did spooky - the trees were dead. So, as I often do, I opened the image in Snapseed and started to apply my magic. With Snapseed I was able to capture the golden orange and black look. Next I wanted the Old Photo Pro frame. Then I re opened it in Snapseed to saturate the orange once again. However the trees now needed some more definition so I used FX PhotoStudio to help achieve it and then using Image Blender I added a small amount of the effect.
In conclusion, as the image presented itself, I moved onto the next app that I knew would give me the look I wanted to accomplish. I believe that you can have a wonderful visual in your head, but if you don't know what is possible and you don't know what tools you have to make it possible, you will never achieve your goal. So practice, play, discover and explore.


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