April 17, 2013

IPhone Photography and Patriotism

My dad is a patriot through and through. He has proudly admired many of the monuments and museums throughout DC, spoke of the pride he has for our founding fathers and those who have served in our countries military, and walked through homes, cemeteries and military colleges along our journey.
Everyday he appreciates the journey he so proudly says to all I gifted him.
Yesterday we were driving along the Blue Ridge Parkway and decided it was time to eat some dinner. The closest big town was Lexington, VA so down went went to find some grub. My dad, using his iPad, gave me turn by turn directions all while using Yelp to find us a great place to eat.
He found a wonderful location outside in the warm 75 degree air. He eat a creole pork and clam dish and I had homemade butternut squash ravioli - they were both delicious. To finish the meal we shared a hazelnut cheesecake that my dad savored every bite.
Then we took a walk to the Virginia Military Institute where the students in white uniforms politely gave us directions.
My dad once again expressed how much he appreciated our country, those that serve and me for providing him with these opportunities.
You're very welcome dad! What a great journey it has been!

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