April 16, 2013

Old Trucks, iPhoneography style by Teri Lou

There once was a girl who liked to take photographs. Little did she know that old trucks would be such an enticing subject. The rust, layers of paint, and years of neglect is what attracted her.
What she didn't realize was how many others knew just how drawn she was to these trucks in fields, backyards and farms.
On more than one occasion when given the opportunity to go on a photo tour with fellow photographers the destination that was picked included the abandoned vehicles she loved so much. This last opportunity, once again, allowed her to practice her craft while surrounded by Ford's of yesteryear.
You can see by the selection, she created an assignment for herself to focus on the details. She picked the inside of the door with the two handles.

Processed with
Artista haiku
Monku Hanga
image Blender

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