May 13, 2013

At the Edge of Painted Hills with my iPhone

I had never been to Painted Hills in Eastern Oregon so on our mini driving vacation Mark and I decided to go. The closest town is Mitchel, so small that we drove through it twice looking for its charm, which was difficult to find especially with road construction taking over one of its two block Main Street.
When arriving at Painted Hills I was disappointed that we couldn't walk into it but instead had to stay behind the fence. The blend of colors and textures reminded me of Artists Palette in Death Valley. The ground however was much softer and therefore easier to disturb.
I spent awhile finding the perfect location to capture its essence with my iPhone and its limited capabilities, I really wanted to jump the fence and get right into it but also knew it was the wrong thing to do as I appreciated the lack of footprints on the fragile landscape.
I love the texture in the foreground and the clouds were incredible. The image might be a bit too 1/3 divided for my taste however.
Pro HDR on tripod with legs as short as possible
Auto stitch

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