May 11, 2013

Hand held iPhoneography pano

So I decided to go on this aggressive hike up to a summit just east of Smith Rock State Park in OR. Hiking poles were needed so no tripod was allowed. Of course my iPhone was in my pocket for many reasons.
The hike was hot, the hill steep and the scenery beautiful. I took a pano from the top with the native camera panoramic option, see my Facebook page.

This image was captured as 4 ProHDR images, blended together with AutoStiched and processed with Snspseed.
I can't tell how steady the camera was held when viewing the photo on my iPhone but I do know the image was incredible to take as the clouds and light were dramatic.
As I sit here under the tree still near the summit, I am posting to my blog. And this is why I love iPhoneography!

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