August 14, 2013

Paint Brush Meadow, Jefferson Park

Yesterday I returned from a backpacking trip to Jefferson Park in Oregon. The trip was full of beauty. I just loved the hike. I brought my new Olympus Pen however I find that I am still using the iPhone most of the time because of the convenience and simplicity. 
When I suggest that the iPhone is simple, I am meaning in the right in your pocket ready to go scenerio. After capture the process it is very enjoyable, thought provoking and engaging - anything but simple.
This morning I sat down with my iPad , planning on doing quick process to my photo of a meadow full of red Paint Brush flowers. (I was hoping for a short interruption to the "real" work I am suppose to do today.) When I began to process I felt myself immersed. The options, the details, the possibilities were surrounding me in a state of need to do it right. I soon became involved in the scene growing more at peace with it as the processed neared the end. I found myself blending this option with that option and building on it by masking in a little more detail here and there. Wanting the final image to be worthy of a blog posting and maybe even a printed version. 

Glaze x4
Image Blender

Lots of love....

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