August 3, 2013

Transfering Images from the Olympus Pen to iPad - failed

A Frustrating Morning – Moving Images from the Olympus Pen to iPad

This morning I decided that I would learn how to wirelessly move my images from my Olympus Pen to my iPad. I was hoping I would have a step-by-step solution for everyone to follow. However I failed to figure it out.
What I did do:
1.     I installed the app OI.Share on my iPad
2.     I set up a Private Connection and then tried a One-Time Connection
3.     I have set up and turned on the wireless connection on both my iPad and Olympus Camera
4.     I have Set a Share Order to upload my images
5.     I have read warning.
6.     I have searched Google for help and watched a You-Tube video for the OM-D hoping that might add insight.
7.     I have read the reviews on the app for help.
8.     I have tried different variations of the above and I have done each several times.
9.     I have ran out of ideas.
10. I will visit a camera store hoping for assistance in the next few days, maybe weeks depending on time.

In the meantime I imported the images into Lightroom 3 to discover version 3 cannot read the Olympus RAW files. I then upgraded Lightroom to 4 and imported again. Now I can see the files on my computer…YIPPY I think.

Now that the morning is over and I have other obligations for the day I will:
1.     Review the images in Lightroom later.
2.     Select the images I want to transfer to my iPad.
3.     Export them to a folder on my computer
4.     Use the app PhotoTransfer to move them to my iPad for processing.

Yes the progression has been complex but in time I hope to find the solution that allows me to simply transfer from camera to iPad. Maybe a WiFi SD card will provide that answer.

If anyone has suggestions, insight, tips or advice I welcome them!!


  1. Just curious why you upgraded to LR4? The current version is LR5.

  2. Hi Teri Lou
    Ask Dan Burkholder on how to. he wrote a whole article on this subject in Photo technique magazine and one of his FB post he briefly wrote someting about the olympus and transfering to his iPad. I asked him a question about this and he was nice enough to respond.
    I think you know him.
    Irene Oleksiuk

  3. I only know of 3 methods to wirelessly transfer image data from Olympus Pen cameras... and not all methods work for all of the various Pen models.

    1. Olympus 'Penpal' - transfers via Bluetooth, good for android, mac and pc. does not work for the current iOS, but might be possible in iOS7? we'll know more in a week.

    2. Toshiba 'FlashAir' - creates Wi-Fi network, has iOS app. I haven't tried it, but I understand you can select which files to send, friends can scan a QR code for instant shared downloads, and it even is said to feature a sort of remote live-view external monitoring. Downside is it's only 8GB, only Class 6 speed, the network is a little slow, and only works on supported model Pen devices (see Olympus site for compatibility list).

    3. Eye-Fi - comes in various models, faster network speed over FlashAir, and is available up to Class 10. A lot of people seem to have major gripes against these, but Olympus manuals claim to have support and there's a firmware update specifically for it. One major gripe is you cannot select which files to send and it always sends oldest files first.. so you'd probably want to stay away from RAW files as they are large and would take forever to transfer, thus killing your battery life.


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