November 18, 2013

Hiking the Sierra's with my iPhone - Tangled

While trying to decide which image to post today, I came across this lovely scene from the Sierra Nevada mountains. I spend 6 nights in this beautiful range surrounded by high alpine lakes backpacking last summer. What a wonderful way to stay health and feel carefree. 

I find it sometimes hard to process detailed landscapes. I usually an happy with just adding a few adjustment with Snapseed. Today however I wanted to try a few apps that I have in my "check it out" folder. I decided Tangled would work well for this scene. This app not only gives a unique look from other apps but the image can be saved up to 12 mp in size. Within the app there are several preset filter choices and then the users can customize from there with a large variety of slider choices from: Stroke Size, Smudge Size and Color Boost to name a few. 

As I usually do I used the Tangled layer to blend with.  I then used Artista Oil to create the while framed canvas look. Filterstorm was used to vignette mask two images together. My final step was to use Structure in Snapseed to add sharpening. 


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