June 27, 2014

Photos from the Past - Palouse - iOS Processing

Today I wanted to process this truck as if I had found the photo in a drawer of an Abandonded House in the Palouse. I knew there were several apps in my arsenal that would process it with an antique look however which ones would create just the right look I couldn't decide. 
It took several tries to get it to look like my minds eye was envisioning, but when I did it felt just the way I wanted it to. I truly believe that your emotions are such a driving force in the way you process and present your work. Once you know the tools that are available you can use those resources to play with. 
How do you know it is right?, well sometimes you just need to believe in your inner voice. As I kept trying new apps and blending my image this way and that, I kept hearing, "no that doesn't accomplish your goal." So I would add another layer of an antique like filter, "still not right" so I would back up a few steps and start over. It wasn't until I cropped it and added a filter that softened the entire frame did I really feel settled. 
So what apps did I use you ask? Well this time it isn't so easy to list them as I can't be sure if the Structure I added in Snapseed for the third time and masked it in with Filterstorm on just the truck really matters. The lessons I want you to learn are 1. Play with your apps to learn what is possible with them. 2. Keep in mind a theme or feeling you want to portray while processing. 3. Enjoy 

The original

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