November 8, 2015

Moment Lenses Comparison at Cape Reinga

Native Camera Lens
18mm Moments Lens

60mm Moment Lens

Cape Reinga

Being a spiritual person I enjoyed my too brief visit to this place on earth. I was ever so grateful to read the Māori beliefs that this most significant land held.  
A simple pōhutukawa tree that survived on a rock cliff for so many years, is known locally as the kahilka. Significant for many reasons, one is that it has never blooms and more importantly its roots help guide the dead to their final resting point. 
So many other plaques shared the Māori tales of awe and wonderment. 

To tourists the most obvious site is the lighthouse as it contrasts white among the greens and blues. I too was captivated by the scene. 

I used vividHDR to capture these images. The first one is without any lens attachments. The second is with Moment 18mm and the third is Moment 60mm. In my opinion, the Moment lenses are the best in the market. 

For fun I also included this mileage sign post that can be found at the base of the lighthouse. 

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