November 23, 2015

Morning Has Broken

Morning has Broken

As I sit in my warm car in between rain squalls I am looking out at the Okarito Lagoon. The air is moist and everything is cast in gray, a stark contrast to the brilliant greens in the gorge the day before. 
The mood is quiet and still, even with the birds fluttering about. 
Among some brilliant mountain peaks that were meant for a less cloudy perfect sunset location. However even last night the showers and mist prevented a peak at their grandeur. 
A small boat house is sitting proudly at the shore of the lagoon. A simple 'Information' sign is at the top of the ramp. 
The rain has stopped for a moment, perhaps I'll have a closer look. 

The processing for this image includes a texture later from the boat house siding. I captured the image with the hope that it would be fun to use. 

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