November 16, 2015

Smash Palace - New Zealand

What is this girl going to do when she's driving 100 km down a country road at 8:30am and sees a sign pointing turn right now for 'Vintage Car Museum'? Put on the brakes fast, but not fast enough and figure a safe place to make a U-turn.

As I approach I saw rusty vehicles everywhere, acres of them. Piled high, rusting into the ground, with ferns growing out of them, with wooden wheels, most with steering wheels on the left and there were even sheep milling about to keep the grass down-how awesome is that. 
A dream come true. 

I find rusty fascinating. The patterns, textures and color as they deteriorate   The models of cars here in New Zealand vs the places in the US were so new and different. Many small cars, few hot rods, even the trucks and buses were tiny. 

After spending only 1.5 hours outside I finally went into the 'museum' for a $5 donation admission charge that was promised would go into a fund for the 'new' museum. 
I walked up a narrow steep stairwell and found what can only be described as: a car part hoarders dream! Millions of organized chrome gems. Starters, grills, license plates, chains, hub caps, head lights, carburetors, electric wiring, radios - every piece from those gutted shells in the junk yard outside - AMAZING! 

Walking around I was quite careful, even tiptoed when observing the floor bowing under the pile of complete motors. Wondered how the building didn't collapse under the weight of so much metal. 

What a rewarding morning I had!

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