February 1, 2011

Blog's One Month Anniversary

John Barclay teaching Tony Sweet a new trick!
This was one of my first iPhone images...I have came a long way baby!!!
Hipstamatic straight up!

I am thrilled beyond words. 

After just one month the success of this iPhoneography blog is beyond my expectations. I am grateful to each and everyone of you who loyally follow me daily or just take a peek every now and then. It had been extremely rewarding for me to have so many people from around the world appreciating my efforts.

I find it fascinating to see where the different hits to this blog come from. Yesterday I had my first Chinese pageview, the week before that Italy, Singapore, Australia and Thailand came on strong with many loyal viewers. Currently 12% follow through the Flipboard browser, 11% are mobile and even a few use their BlackBerries. Most of you are Macintosh users (43%) with Windows users in second (29%) and iPhones in third (14%). The Traffic Sources have been mostly through Flickr with Facebook in second. Lastly, I am averaging over 120 daily pageviews after only one month, thanks to all of you! - As you see I am a numbers girl!

So Happy Anniversary to us! In the coming months may all of our artistic talents flourish!!

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