February 28, 2011


Lake Tahkenitch, Oregon Coast

It is raining, it is pouring, the car was rocking me to sleep last night as the wind gusted. I even dreamed the car was knocked over on its side. I am still wondering why I chose to take this route south. Originally, I was hoping to see Crater Lake but since that wasn't an option I chose the coastal route to get off of I-5. I do know I will appreciate the warmth when it arrives.
On a side note, my mom called me this morning thrilled with the beauty that the recent 20" of snow brought to my home town. So I will be missing out on the opportunity of capturing the snowing scene.
Today I am posting the view I had at an overlook along highway 101. My mood doesn't match the scene however. I am so happy being on the road and exploring.
I am hoping to reach the Redwoods around sunset.

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