February 10, 2011

Hipstamatic 200 WooHoo!

My Fashion Model
It was rumored that the newest upgrade to Hipstamatic 200 would be released today to coincide with New York Fashion Week. Fortunately it was released a few hours early so I was able to upgrade to version 200 tonight through the App Store and download the new lens and case within the Hipstamatic app itself.

The first upgrade feature I noticed was the ability for rapid shooting, up to 9 images, while processing takes place in the background. What a wonderful addition that is. So many times I have been frustrated because I tap the shutter at the wrong time and had to impatiently wait for the nothing image to process. Rapid shooting will be wonderful in so many situations and will cause me to use the app much more.

So after upgrading and downloading I was off to find my fashion model to shoot with the new Chunky Lens. I used the Blanko film to see the true effect. According to Hipata, "Enjoy the cinematic tones and leaks of warmth with the lens created exclusively for Fashion Photographer, Chiun-Kai Shin." This leaking warmth effect randomly moves throughout the frame. It was about 10:30pm when I finally finish downloading so I had to shoot my model inside and under poor lighting conditions. The Hipsta performed well in this situation as usual.

Oh and don't forget the Fashionista Case, "Sparkle and class. Pair this sexy bit with your finest duds."

Can't wait to hit the street tomorrow for some fashionable street photos!

The upgrade is free for those of you who have the Hipsta already. However the Chunky lens and Fashionista Case is rumored to be free for one week only and available for a limited time. So don't miss out and upgrade NOW!

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