February 11, 2011

The Yellow Truck

I finally stopped after 18 years

The iPhoneography 101 course starts tomorrow!!! So I thought I would give you a preview to the before and after image I will be explaining in detail with step by step screen prints during the class.

Since there has been some confusion, I wanted to explain further that the classes will NOT be taught at any specific time. Instead students will receive written materials with lots of instruction and information to follow each week at their own pace. At the end of the week images will be submitted for critique. Then on Saturday morning once again additional app instruction and information will be provided. The apps will be introduced in a succession of difficulty.

At the end of the course you will have a camera bag full of new gear and 
a clear understand of how to use the darkroom in your pocket.

Before Processing
This old truck has been sitting out in a field for years. Everyday I drive past it thinking, "I want to photograph that truck someday." So today when I was on a mission to use my new Hipsta Chunky lens before the sunset, I once again started to drive by without stopping. However the light was just too good not to stop this time. At first I used ProHDR to capture 6 images I then stitched together. Then I took out my Hipsta and played, getting in nice and close. 

Hipsta Chunky
"Everything around us is made up of energy. 
To attract positive things in your life, start by giving off positive energy."

I was just informed of more good news about fxPhotoStudio
 "We are releasing FX Photo Studio HD for iPad next week, on Tuesday, February 15th." 
You can read their blog at fxphotostudio.tumblr.com

iPhoneography 101 Course - Learn to use the apps of the iPhone to create photographs beyond a basic snapshot. This online course allow you to work at your own pace while having a professional standing by to provide assistance, answer questions and offer critiques. Starts February 12th - sign up now! Contact instructor: Teri Lou at teri@terilou.com

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