February 21, 2011

Morning in Portland

Some days it is easy to decide on what I am going to post for the day. Others days I look through my file of images and discard them all for one reason or another. When I was in Portland a couple weeks ago, I captured this image on an early morning walk. After I stitched it together I really liked it but had no idea how I wanted to process it.

So today the idea came to me. I decided to use a technique my friend, Harry Sandler, taught me that mostly uses PhotoForge to process images and then I added my own touches in Filterstorm and Crop'n'Frame. I was on a roll when PhotoForge crashed in the middle of saving my work. Frustrated, I wondered if it was worth the effort to start over. I forged on...pun intended... finally getting the images I needed to move into Filterstorm. After spending quite a long time blending and painting, I tried to save my work again only to have Filterstorm crash. Wondering if I was even meant to complete this image, I realized what might be the problem.

If you keep having apps crash, you may have too many of them open at the same time.  - Double tap the home button. - Press and hold one of the apps until they jiggle. - Tap the 'x' on all the apps you are not currently using. (I find it amazing that I can have almost all of them open sometimes. - No wonder I am crashing all the time!) - When finished, tap the Home button once to stop the jiggle. - Hope this tip helps!
I will repeat this tip as long as I need to remind myself!!! lol

I once again blended and painted the image until it was just right!
Tomorrow I will posting something a little simpler!

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