March 8, 2011

Rhyolite Bicycle Ghost

The first time I went to Rhyolite 3 years ago. I wasn't very impressed with this so called ghost town. I didn't quite get it. Why would people put this crazy art work out in the dessert? Well I still don't understand quite why, but I do know that I do appreciate it more today. I had a great time playing with the ghosts. (More to come.)

This image is a multiple stitch, captured with ProHDR. I brushed in some water color in PhotoForge. Then I spent about 5 hours iPainting every detail in the image. iPainting is a long process that I really enjoy. As I am moving my finger across the smooth glass of the iPad, I get mesmerized by the patterns and lines. I truly enjoy the process.

I have a few more days in Death Valley and then I think I am heading south. Not sure yet.
Gas prices here just rose again. $5.19 for regular, up from $5.03 on Thursday.

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  1. Outside the box thinking with the ghost rider idea. I love it! Check out Outside the Box images at
    I don't have an Iphone yet. Oh well.
    Joyce M


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