March 8, 2011

Hipsta the Ghost

Today was my last full day in Death Valley. This trip was somewhat disappointing if you were hoping for great light. Unfortunately the light was flat and without color for the sunrises and the sunsets. However I still made some of my best images. So it goes to show you that you don't always need the perfect light to create wonderful photographs.
I have spent the last week with Harry Sandler and three new friends, Tom, Michael and David. We spent time together at various locations shooting with a wide variety of different cameras. The part I enjoyed the most however was listening to the table banter. There were conversations about photography of course, music and growing up in New York. I learned a lot and was very grateful to not only be invited but to be very welcome by everyone.
It will be sad to depart tomorrow but I am looking forward to see where the road takes me next!

This image was captured today at Rhyolite when it was a chilly 34 degrees. A multi stitched image Shot with the Hipstamatic camera. I used picGrunger and Filterstorm also to process it.

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