May 27, 2011

Take Me, I Am Yours!

Self Portrait in Georgetown, a Seattle neighborhood

Wow, what a surprise!!!
I just stopped in a Starbucks south of Seattle so I could catch up on my blogging. As many of you know I was only able to post this photo last night and didn't add any description. This was because I was on my iPad at my friend Scooter's house and unfortunately I can't access the blog's full capabilities. So instead of not posting at all, I keep my daily blogging promise by at least posting an image.
I was surprised that 9 people checked 'Love It' and 2 want more information. I have never had such a positive response. Thanks everyone...;-)

So here is the story....
Yesterday I got to spend the afternoon and evening with my friend Scooter. He is wonderful to be around, so full of all this positive energy and had planned a wonderful photographic/processing day for us. We were very fortunate to have a unpredicted sunny day with puffy white clouds. Our first stop was Georgetown, a great neighborhood just south of downtown Seattle. I love being introduced to new opportunities and this one proved to be very exciting, as exciting as a girl can have with her iPhone.
We were enjoying photographing old trucks when the owner of the vacant lot kicked us off his property. Not discouraged we went across the street to photograph a junk yard when the upset owner crossed the street right after us and entered the shack that was his office at the junk yard. So needless to say we once again moved on.
Next we came across this large brick building that used to be a Brew House. We were photographing the bricks for texture and the old door and windows when we discovered this fantastic old facade wall with ferns growing out of the cracks and various places urban. At first I took just the wall thinking what a great backdrop it would make. That is when I realize I should continue my self portrait series. So using ProHDR I set the iPhone on the tripod and ran into the image. For some reason I wanted to raise my arms off to the side and stretch out my fingers.
Scooter and I continued our day having a wonderful Pulled Pork sandwich for lunch at Smarty Pants.Then continued to capture the famous boots that used to be the restroom at a local gas station.
So when we returned I began processing several images until I was inspired to work on my self portrait. For the first later I processed the original image with Perfect Photo to sharpen it. The next layer was processed in Artista Haiku. The 3rd layer in PhotoStudio adding Ancient Canvas. I blended the 2nd and 3rd layers together in Blender. Then sharpened the new layer combo.  Next I used Filterstorm to paint in the 1st layer of myself with an opacity brush into the combined layer. Next I processed the most current image with Grungetastic to add the border. I then did more blending in Filterstorm. This is when I thought I might want to use the app 'Rays'. It was the first time so I wasn't sure what to expect. Well to my surprise I came to the realization to why I raised my arms and spread my fingers, as Rays was a perfect addition to such a pose! Both Scooter and I loved it. However I need to re-brush myself back into the image so the ray was on the wall and not on me. As a final touch I chose to add a small frame using Grungetastic again so the eye of the viewer stayed within the frame. --- Just so you know this process took me about 2 hours as many of the steps required detailed brushing and blending. Obviously it was worth the effort as many of you have enjoyed it as I have. BTW Scooter named it for me. 
I can't wait to have another adventure with him.

I hope I have motivated and inspired you to play with the apps!!!

Don't forget my iCreativity class starts on Tuesday. In the course I provide much more detailed steps to my processing techniques. Click on link in upper left corner for more information!!!


  1. Love this self portrait TL!!! Outta Site.

  2. Fabuloso, Teri. Now, you're not planning on walking into the light just yet are you?!

  3. You have certainly found your artistic voice.


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