July 21, 2011

Blending ArtistaOil and ArtistaSketch

Emerging Summer

If you have been watching the news about the Pacific Northwest weather, you have seen that we are having an unseasonably cold summer, unlike the rest of the nation. My hope is that when I return from Iceland summer will have emerged.

I am busy packing, backing up my photos, preparing my Nikon for the journey. Tomorrow I will be traveling all day. First to New York and then onto Iceland. I am excited to visit this land of rock and volcanos - at least that is how a few friends have described it to me.

Today's image is of a sunflower bloom beginning to emerge. I captured it with Hipsta. Processed it using PerfectPhoto, Artist Oil and ArtistaSketch. I used Blender to blend the two Artista images together.

I hope to prepare and blog an image from the New York airport tomorrow if the flights are on time and uneventful. If not I will be blogging from Iceland on Saturday woohoo!!! 

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  1. Looking forward to your photos & experiences in Iceland. You go girl!!!!!


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