July 23, 2011

Welcome to Iceland

I arrived in Iceland today....woohoo!! Already seem like longer because I haven't slept but 2 hours in the last 36.
The flights were uneventful once I was in the air. The first airplane had a flat tire that needed to be changed and the second plane had a bad fuel pump. However we arrived at both locations on time. Go figure....?
When I arrived I was given the opportunity to help teach the iPhone application fxPhotoStudio and Smudging to a group of Icelandic iPhoneographers as a special guest of Harry Sandler's. A big thanks to Harry and Einar Erlendsson, of Focus on Nature, for making it possible. I had a terrific time and learned a lot myself.

Tomorrow the real photography days start. We will be getting lost among the volcanos. I shall return, but it could be a few days as internet may be difficult. I will make up by posting multiple images on the same day when I am back in service range.

I couldn't tell if the sun was setting or rising a few minutes ago, 11:30pm. I am really turned around. The weather was partly cloudy in the 60's and very windy today. The cotton wood trees are alive and well over here and cotton is blowing all over the place.

Todays blog was of a large sign in the airport. I processed it using Pencil Paint 2 and Invert in fxPhotoStudio.

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