July 24, 2011

Iceland - Day One - Private Tour

Iceland is an incredible place so full of diversity.

I am sitting in a conference room on a peninsula on the West side of the island in The Hotel Budir, which is fantastic. We arrived about 9:30pm and had a wonderful dinner. White linen table clothes, wine paired dinner menu and there I was in wet jeans from walking through the recently rained on grass from the last photographic stop.

Today started by going to The Harp, a concert hall. The building is a modern architectural wonder with so much glass. It was great to photograph. So many wonderful angles and lines. Next we captured a few images of a dry docked ship, which seemed a bit more like we were actually in Iceland. Next we headed out of town. I can't tell you really where we were , I can only say that we took great photos. I even got my big girl Nikon out a few times. Einar is doing a terrific job for our private tour, there is only 3 of us. It is wonderful to be given this opportunity. The best part being able to say, "Stop Here!!!" and we do. ;-)

As I sit and blog I am looking out a room full of windows facing the east. It is still twilight and I don't know if it will ever get completely dark. I can still here the gulls calling and the ocean is mostly calm but still crashing in. This location reminds me of the Falkland Islands very much. So full of rocks grasses, lichens and mosses. The farms are great too. So much to look at as we drove today.

I am truly exhausted and some of us want to get up or at least check out the light at 4:15 for sunrise. That won't be happening for me as it is 1:19 as I type this. Therefore I will post a few lightly processed images and call it a night.

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  1. The gateway to a larger world or tollbooth for the twilight zone (you decide)


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