July 25, 2011

Iceland Photo Tour Day Two

What a variety of images I captured today. The day started out strong with a beautiful scene of the hotel setting (see my FB page) and ended with a great trip to some wonderful rocks, seaweed and kelp along the ocean.
I processed my image while riding in the car so I won't be staying up until 2am to complete everything I needed too.
I had a wide variety of processing techniques. Sorry for the brief post as I am literally falling asleep at my keyboard. (Now that is a first!)
Iceland continues to amaze and excite me. We are off to a new hotel tomorrow heading southeast.

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  1. (On the crosses) I don't speak of the times I’ve nearly died....
    I don't speak of out lasting those who are gone
    Or the things I've done I care not to remember
    Or the desperate measures that might have been wrong
    here's one to glory, here's to bad weather
    And all the hard things we’ve been through together
    Here's to the golden rule and survival
    And to staying alive, it's the running man's bible (Tom Petty)

  2. (Still on the crosses) Well one of these days my anger may get the best of my soul and in one desperate moment I'm gonna dig me a hole I'm gonna lie down in it and let be what will be and when the morning sun rises there'll be no one to mourn for me... John Mellencamp


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