July 29, 2011

Iceland - Farms and Country Living

Today I wanted to go back to the glacier and lagoon before sunrise. In order to do that we had to leave at 3am.  At first the guys warned me that they most likely would not be up to join me. But just as I thought I suspect they couldn't stand the fact that I may get a terrific image without them so I saw there smiling faces at 3am.
The sunrise didn't disappoint any of us. The glacier was clear and the icebergs were spectacular. I captured many wonderful images with my iPhone and my Nikon. One thing that can not be done well on the iPhone is to zoom. I needed a zoom lens in order to isolate icebergs better so I used my Nikon.

After shooting icebergs, mountains and glaciers for two hours, I just took the time to sit down and enjoy the moment. It was amazing to watch and listen to the icebergs break apart as I mentioned yesterday. I could have sat there for hours watch the dance of the icebergs. I think it was my favorite place, well at least one of the favorite ;-)

I still haven't processed any of the iceberg images yet. It seems there is so much to do and little time for processing except in the car while moving from one location to the next (and sleep is also required while in the car.)

The above image was captured at a wonderful farm with various cars and tractors scattered about. I will post some of my favorite vehicle sometime. This image was processed using ArtistaVintageHD, Blender, Filterstorm and Bad-Camera

After sunrise we headed to the hotel for breakfast, a shower and packing before the long drive back to Reykjavik. On the way back we stopped at various locations. We are always excited when we stop to photograph so we can get out of the car. Iceland is a vast place that requires lots of driving. Too much sometimes. Oh and another thing I tried today was a hot dog from Iceland. In fact I had two they were so good. They pop when you bite into them and the mustard is of the hot and sweet variety - more sweet. Harry compared them to the Nathan's Famous at Coney Island.

One of my favorite was at this little one room place. It had a bed and TV in it so I am not sure what is it used for. I do think it was crazy cute and we had lots of fun with it. I processed with ToonPaint, (thanks Harry) DynamicLight and Filterstorm. Oh and do you see the face on the house, we have seen them everywhere this week, usually in rocks or mountain faces but this house has one for sure.

One last thing....I am looking out my window and it is still twilight at 11:30 am. the light here never stops!

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