July 26, 2011

Churches, Farms and Iceland

 So many church to capture the countryside is full of them.

fxPhotoForge iPad

Many of the churches in the countryside are right next to a farm. Sometimes the farms are abandoned sometime they look like they should and are not. The pastor used to live on the working farm next to the church, but that isn't common anymore.

Sadly today it rained most of the day. The clouds were low when we went over a wonderfully scenic pass, but couldn't see much at all. It would have been great to have fog instead of low clouds, but no luck.
Ended at a great waterfall where a bride and groom were getting their photo taking in the rain. It was hilarious. Mostly because the paparazzi was also there, my two fellow photography companions. They most likely got a better photo than the hired photographer. lol
I did happen to capture a few images in the morning before the rain.
Heading towards the Glacier tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing the ice in the water, among other things.
BTW I have gotten out my big girl camera. But am enjoying my iPhone very much, especially in the rain!

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  1. I bring a Q-tip stub for iPhone use in the rain. I cover the earphone connector.

    Loving your images. I'm so jealous


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