July 10, 2011

Rails to Ales - Jumpin Johnny- Hipstamatic Style

Yesterday afternoon and evening I attended the 4th annual 'Rails to Ales Brewfest' in South Cle Elum. Funny thing is I don't like to drink beer. For those of you who think I should give it one more try, I did! It is a flavor I do not like! I do like to dance though! and had my fill yesterday. What a gorgeous day it was.
Jumpin Johnny was one of the bands that played yesterday. Johnny is a great guitarist. I was enjoying being entertained by him when he jumped on a nearby table. Jammin away. I was sitting in the back enjoying the moment when I finally woke up and noticed this great iPhotographic moment. So without further hesitation I rushed over to the edge of the table, squatting down as not to block the view of the other audience members and opened up Hipsta. I pointed the camera and shot just before Johnny jumped off the table. Only able to capture one shot. Bummed I went back to my seat.
Well this story has a great ending because my one and only shot was great! Not only was it in focus but I love the way it is framed and my film and lens chose was perfect. Was I lucky, well yes, I am lucky to have had the opportunity to have countless past hours of practice over the last several years. Yesterday all that practice paid off resulting in an image I am proud to post. Remember practice makes perfect!

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