July 8, 2011

Scrape Metal? - please NO!!!

As I have explained before, I spent about 6 wonderful weeks in the Palouse last summer. I asked lots of questions and had many adventures. Rod introduced me to Scott and Paula, two hard working farmers. Paula is the owner of these two combines that have been put out to pasture years ago. She has many heads of cow that frequently graze among them in the true spirit of a family farm. Last year I spent many days returning to these jewels to photograph them at different times of the day and weather conditions. One of my favorite images of the 7500 I captured last summer was this scene.

So this year one of my first stops was to show my clients this great photographic opportunity they presented. We spent a couple hours here getting the panoramic scene to close ups of the colorful rust. With my favorite image of last year in my head. I took the same angle with my iPhone this year. I like this scene because of Steptoe Butte, the icon of the area, in the background.

A few days after spending time photographing these antique combines I ran into Scott. He had a very welcoming joyful smile for me. I once again I told him how I had much I loved the setting of Paula's combines. It was then that he told me he almost turned them into scrape metal last winter but Rod told him, "Teri will kick your butt if you get rid of those combines." So glad that I have friends watching my back while I am gone!

So as today's blog I present this year's iPhone image of my favorite combines thanks to Scott listening to Rod's advice!


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  1. Great story. I shot those very combines a year ago on the BBC. One of my fav pics from the trip. Love your rendition here. Hope they are there if I get a chance to return. But as scrap they may be worth several hundred bucks. As a farmer, I'm curious do you happen to know the make of those combines?

  2. TL, Donnie, I have an image of the name "DEERING, Chicago USA" from the side of the larger of these combines


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