August 8, 2011

Infrared, IR, Processed iPhone Image - Palouse

It was about a year ago that I received a phone call from Dewitt Jones. He complimented me on a couple of my Palouse images I had captured with my Nikon last summer. I was honored that he took the time to make the call - it made my day - well I was excited for a long time! He was the first person to purchase my Photographers Map of the Palouse! Now fast forwarding to present.... The last 3 days I had the privilege to show and tour the Palouse in the company of Dewitt and his wonderful wife Lynette.

Following my recommendations we headed out each day to discover what the Palouse had to offer: rolling hills, barns, farms, combines and clothes on the line! We shared in the wonder of the vastness and abundance of the fields of grain. We got our socks full of weed thorns, the car covered in a fine powdery dust and I learned how to take images "Drive by shooting style!"

I learned a lot about the passion, play and love of photography that lasts a lifetime. To share in the endless excitement and willingness to break the rules was very rewarding.

These past few days reinforced that I am on the right track when I encourage 'play' and that by following my passion, not only as a photographer, but as a way of life I can and will continue to inspire and motivate others just as Dewitt and Lynette have done for me.

Today's image is Dewitt's IR - Infrared Recipe for the iPhone, thanks for sharing Dewitt!

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