August 12, 2011

Sub Alpine Trees - Olympic National Park

Another childhood memory I remember from Blue Mountain is smelling the fragrant scent of the sub-alpine tree needles. During this last trip I couldn't resist the opportunity to break off a few needles from the tree, break them apart and inhale the strong smell. It reminds me of a fresh Christmas tree but 10x stronger. ahhhhhh

I am loving this adventure. Sleeping at the top of the mountains is awesome. So grateful that I have a car that is comfortable and reliable for my photo adventures.

This image was processed with Snapseed, ArtistaHaiku, Blender and Impression.

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1 comment:

  1. Slim Slow Slider; horse you ride, white as snow.

    Tell it everywhere you go.

    Saw you walking, down by the Ladbroke Grove, this morning.
    Catching pebbles for some sandy beach; you're out of reach

    Saw you early this morning, with your brand new boy, and your Cadillac.
    You're gone for something, and I know you won't be back.
    I know you're dying, baby, and I know you know it, too.
    Every time I see you; I just don't know what to do.


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